Street Fashion 2023

 When it comes to outerwear, the first thing that comes to mind is of course the "coat". If you don't know how to combine coats that fit easily with almost any outfit, this article is for you! So, how to make a coat combination? What is the coat worn with? Here are all the details...

Coats, which have become one of the indispensable parts of our wardrobe in the winter season, play a protective role for those who want to feel warm on cold winter days. While purchasing coats designed in many styles, colors and textures, we take care to ensure that they offer long-lasting use and are comfortable. In addition to these, when buying a coat, we do not neglect to carefully evaluate whether it will be compatible with our clothes. If you don't want to compromise on your elegance despite the cold weather, how about taking a look at the 4 different combination suggestions we have prepared for you? Here are 4 different coats and 4 different styles...


If you want to make a beautiful combination where you can mix beige, cream and coffee tones that reflect the warm and friendly texture of the winter season, you can first start by purchasing a turtleneck, cream-colored sweater from the H&M brand and a corduroy salopet from the Pull&Bear brand. Mango's curly wool coat will be a great choice as a coat in this combination, which both emphasizes comfort and offers a cute look. In this combination, which is very suitable for a pleasant walk in nature after drinking coffee with your friends, you can choose the cream-colored socked postal boots of the Desa brand to accompany your long walks.

As a bag, the plush shopper bag of the Berlesi brand will look exquisite. When it comes to winter accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is hats and scarves. The plush bucket hat of the Addax brand, which plays a protective role against cold weather, and the tassel detailed scarf of the Koton brand may be just the pieces you are looking for.


When buying coats, we usually prefer simpler colors. If you want to enjoy the winter with an unusual and more original combination, you can choose the double-breasted coat of the Zara brand in eye-catching green tones. But if you ask what to combine a green coat with, you can answer this question by buying a black leggings from Zara and a green turtleneck sweater from H&M. As for shoes, you can use the green-soled black leather boots of the Divasere brand, which goes very well with tights. You can complete your combination with the nothing brand's mini green bag and the UD brand's black tasseled scarf. To put the final point in this beautiful combination with a nice scent, we can recommend the Zara brand's Apple Juice perfume.